Cam Models Age?

Everyone says “you can’t do this forever” when it comes to the adult industry, but is that true?

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While all genders work in the sex industry I will be centering women in this article because that’s the experience I can speak to. Though I think everyone in front of the camera has thought about the effects of that all-important factor we can’t control. Aging.

There are a lot of stereotypes and stigma sexy workers have to face on a daily basis. If they’re open about their work, even with just close friends, chances are the question of ‘aging out’ has come up. Sex work is considered inherently temporary. There aren’t many jobs where you automatically ask what the person is going to do after it as if there were an invisible countdown ticking above my tits. When people ask me about it I usually point out how no one knows if they’ll be doing the same job in ten years.

Civilians don’t think of this as a career. I’ve been in the adult industry since 2013 and have had the same job longer than most of my millennial peers. Still, I’m always asked what I’m going to do after. Some people will even go so far as to point out my beauty will fade. However will make money then?! These same people seem to think there aren’t any porn actresses over 25. The top porn actor in the world right now Angela White, is 35.

The temptation to lie about your Age

The stereotype of there only being young people in porn gets reinforced again and again. The pressure to adhere to these strict imaginary sexual guidelines can move a lot of workers to lie about their age. Someone may stay 22 forever or not list their age at all. Others who don’t start right at 18 sign up and trim a few years off their birthdays in an effort to compete. There’s a not so unspoken demand for ‘teens’ and young 20s in porn. Youth is highly prized in U.S culture.

Going further the pressure to look the part looms overhead of many sexy workers. Plastic surgery, fillers and botox. Diets and gym memberships. Thousands of dollars on skin treatments and beauty products. Encouraging age insecurity is big business to some. For those in the adult industry, it’s yet another strain to deal with.

The idea of aging out of sexuality is puritan and prude

I think especially in the U.S we’re raised to believe that you become old at thirty years old. You’re supposed to have everything figured out by then. You’re supposed to disappear from public life to start a home. Perfect heterosexual monogamous relationship with 2.5 kids and a million-dollar mortgage right? Live the dream or suffer the ridicule and judgment around and above you. This spreads to the idea of how long we’re allowed to remain sexual beings in the public eye. Keep the emphasis on the YOUNG, dumb, and full of cum trope. Certain authorities don’t want to imagine someone owning and displaying their sexuality past a certain age. They won’t want to grasp the idea of being paid for it on top of that.

If you engage with the adult entertainment world even on a casual level you can see that this stereotype isn’t reflected in the real world. Look around and you can see sex workers have proven they can continue to work in their 30s, 40s, and beyond. Not surprisingly, the workers with more years under their heel are usually making more money than when they were younger. After all, we get better at our jobs over time. It also goes to show you don’t have to start right at 18 to be a success. In actuality, life experience and outside skills can crossover into making someone even more popular. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it.


My personal journey with aging

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use to be scared of aging. Though I tried pretending I’d be young forever and magically not wrinkle. It’s hard to ignore everyone telling you you won’t be beautiful once you reach a certain age. As if being lucky enough to live long only rewarded you with sexless bingo nights and no one finding you attractive ever again. I don’t know what it is about being a millennial but it’s like no one thought life went past thirty. So I did what any other functioning adult would do. I tried not to think about it. I felt unstoppable in my twenties. Feeling like I’d be young forever despite the birthdays piling up.

I started looking in the mirror and seeing smile lines. People didn’t automatically assume I was 18 anymore. I’d go to cam model events and be surrounded by women just getting out of high school or college. I started questioning whether there really was a limit? I needed only to look ahead, at beautiful successful peers who had a few or a lot of years on me. Thriving. There were already plenty of women showing me it was possible to go for as long as I wanted.

The thing is is that age wasn’t something I was insecure about naturally. But people berated me and reminded me constantly how much it was tied to my worth as a woman and as a sexual being. I think the rejection of ‘aging out’ that sex workers stand with contributes to the rage of those who wish we’d simply disappear. Sex workers have already been pushed to the outskirts of society again and again. Since when do they follow the status quo? Women aren’t sexy past a certain age? I don’t think so. Aging out is the real myth.

My experience shooting to be June 2020’s Camstar

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You can see my 2020 AVN June Camstar digital magazine here

As soon as the Camstar magazine came into being I knew I wanted to be one of the people to make it on a cover. Every month a different cam model from myfreecams is featured with an in-depth interview, as well as a behind the scenes video from the shoot. I dreamed of reaching those heights. I kept an eye on it for years and hounded any friends who were in it for their experience. I still feel so lucky that eventually, I got my chance.

I don’t think a lot of models know what to expect when showing up to shoot for Camstar. Some of us have never shot with professionals and most camgirls are used to the comfort of their own rooms and doing nearly everything solo. I hope that by sharing about my time there models who are interested can be less intimidated by the process. It might even satisfy some general curiosity.

Behind the scenes at my Camstar shoot! Me in a red robe and wig cap with a full face of glam makeup

Spoiler alert: I had an amazing time

Let’s skip past the part where I was asked to do Camstar, and scheduled the shooting month. As the shoot got closer I had a few phone calls with the creative director. When it comes to Camstar they want your personality to shine through. I came up with some ideas for some shoots and we discussed the potential sets. After we finalized some ideas the creative director sent me fleshed-out visual examples of what we talked about as well as some of their own ideas so I had plenty to choose from. At the same time, I was in contact with another person for travel and accommodation arrangements. All taken care of by Xbiz/Camstar. Separately, I had to fill out about twenty questions for the interview and was able to add any others I could think of.

My initial impression was that everyone working on this was serious and professional about their job while also being welcoming and down to earth. Since I usually work alone the energy of a project like this didn’t really hit me until I arrived on set. We went through several photo sets that day and filmed a video interview. I was a little surprised by how many people worked in the building. This burst my bubble in the best way. At home, my world feels pretty small. Here, I felt surrounded by people who were passionate creative, and fun.

I arrived on set early for what would be a 12hr+ day. They provided lunch and had tons of snacks, drinks, and coffee. I filled out paperwork and then got in the makeup chair. Hair, makeup, and even wardrobe are all provided. Though I did bring some of my own things to add. The creative director had already pulled over a dozen looks from their massive dream closet to choose from. I felt like a celebrity. After meeting everyone I was working with that day, including the photographer and videographer, we were ready to begin.

You can only be so prepared

Fueled by imposter syndrome I did my best to prepare for my Camstar shoot. I was working out, going through every beauty routine, and researching modeling poses on youtube. I wanted to feel like I belonged on set and that I knew what I was doing.

We started with some simple shots and I went through my tried and true poses and positions. I remember going over the little tricks in my head. Keep your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth for a snatched jawline. Engage your core. One foot in front of the other. Soft hands, fingers closed, toes pointed. Look ever so slightly toward the top of the camera lens to make your eyes bigger. With all these things going through my head no wonder, I froze up.

I took a breath and re-centered myself. Sensing my hesitation, the photographer kindly helped me into some more poses and got me moving again. I reminded myself that I’d been in this industry for years. I belonged there and I knew what I was doing. My confidence rose and I remembered that at the end of the day what I wanted to translate in the photos was my energy and personality. Just have fun with it!

By the end of the day, I was exhausted but inspired. Even though I had an early flight the next day I couldn’t help but stay up for hours that night reliving every exciting moment. I thought back when I would gaze envious and awestruck at other Camstar’s. Now, I would be one of them.

My best advice for filming your own Porn? Just do it!

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“Just DO IT” title. Two photos of Lux Neon in a simple outfit while the sun reflects off the wall. The third photo is a reflection in a pool of Lux Neon in a bikini.

This is NOT a ‘starter guide’. This is how I look at content creation and the advice I give when asked about my process.

When I first entered the industry I avoided creating videos. I was intimidated by the idea of trying something I felt I didn’t have the resources for. This is a mistake a lot of us make in work and in life. We hold ourselves back from creating in the hopes that one day we’ll have all we need to make it perfect. If you’re a perfectionist you know what I mean and this will be a struggle. I feel you, but this is the time to push passed it.

I bet everyone can relate to having a job to do and not having the resources to pull it off. If you’ve checked my ‘About Me‘ you know I didn’t start with an ideal situation for cam, let alone for filming. Back then it felt like starting a race a mile from the track. But if we sit around waiting for everything to be prepared and perfect before we start, we’ll never begin.

If you’re an artist you may be feeling like your work is never complete or never exactly how you want it. Every project I’ve finished I could see ways to improve it by the end. But that’s what should be happening because it means you’re learning and improving. Challenging yourself to film in difficult environments and situations is not ideal or easy, but it WILL make you a better filmmaker. Years later I now have a collection of over 200 videos I’m proud of, and it’s growing all the time.

The difference between ‘professional’ and ‘amateur’

When most people think about porn, one or two scenarios probably pop into their heads. Images of old leather couch sets, a gonzo style camera angle and an interview involving fresh talent. Or maybe you picture a Cali mansion scene gang bang with your favorite headlining porn stars. Don’t get me wrong, the adult entertainment industry is constantly putting out movies in a variety of contexts and quality and it’s inspiring. It’s just not what I do. Not exactly anyway.

Lux Neon in a pink bikini top and black yoga pants

When I’m filming smutty clips I don’t have a team or a camera person or a fellow performer to film with. No matter the number of years under my belt I and most camgirls are considered ‘amateur’ because we do everything ourselves when it comes to performance and creation. In general, an amateur (or indie) porn creator is producing content at a ‘lower’ quality level than big porn companies. There are pros and cons to both but we’ll leave that for another day.

I do want to mention the incredible influx of creators over the years who are pushing the boundaries of what’s considered ‘amateur’ every day. I’ve seen individuals and small teams produce films that could rival any of the big names. Even so, it’s by no means a requirement to look professional to go far in this industry as an independent.

Seek inspiration in your surroundings

When you look around what do you see? Seriously, what are you thinking about when you look around your environment? As much as I’d like it to happen, good ideas for photo sets and clips don’t always pop into my head out of nowhere. Sure, there are plenty of go-to clip ideas in porn but we’re going to take it a step further in this article. This is about exploring your best ideas and not letting your surroundings hold you back.

A screenshot from the Lux Neon video “Captured by the Hot Enemy Spy”

When looking for inspiration grab onto anything that gets you excited. An outfit, toy, or llama mask. A great way to build this adaptable mindset is by training yourself to see things in a different way. I had an aerial instructor who would say ‘the thing is not the thing’ to encourage us to play. Imagine using common objects in ways they weren’t intended. Unleash the imaginative kid in you. If you get stuck here, try books like “Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon to get your brain cooking in ways you’re not used to. As creatives, we have no choice but to break open out own imaginations and apply them to the world around us. Fuck what anyone else thinks!

Screenshot from the Lux Neon video “Bratty Cheerleader JOI”
Screenshot from the Lux Neon video “Harley Quinn Steals a Kiss”

When I’m looking for video ideas I’m in the mindset that there are hot fantasies everywhere waiting to be uncovered. Just because an object or an area isn’t inherently sexy doesn’t mean it can’t be used to enhance a sexual fantasy expressed on camera.

A friend of mine had a filing cabinet so I moved it to a corner, stuck a plant on it and filmed a college office scene. A garage was the perfect backdrop for a sexy spy capture scene. I’ve blocked my front door by setting up boxes and other debris in my hallway so I can make it look like an abandoned building for Harley Quinn. When I get an idea in my head I’ll run around my entire apartment gathering random objects I think can enhance the scene. There’s not a song I can’t dance to and there’s not a 3×3 corner I can’t film porn in. The more you practice the better you’ll get at thinking this way.

Focus on what you have, not what you lack

This is the whole point. This is a way of thinking. A mindset you can adapt to your filming, art, and everyday life. There are ways to build up this skillset and develop this mentality and once you have it, you can’t unsee it. You’ll be surprised by what you can see once you start looking. But you have to begin somewhere.

Screenshot from Lux Neon’s 1st video from 2013

Whenever other creators ask me for advice on content creation the first thing I say is to start. The first video I ever filmed was with an old camera in my bedroom essentially rolling around naked on the floor. I had no idea what I was doing and that’s just fine. And yes, I still sell that video to this day because I want people to see how far I’ve come over the years.

Just DO IT!

There is no one way to go about amateur filming. You can do just as well ignoring this strategy entirely and filming in front of a white wall for the rest of your career. This became my way of doing things out of necessity and I think a lot of content creators can relate. I hope that by sharing this I can educate, inspire or entertain. That’s always the goal.

Lux Neon posing in the sun in a pink bikini top, white tube top and black yoga pants.

If I want creators to remember anything it’s that there is no one else exactly like them. Don’t be intimidated to create because somethings been done before. Put your own spin on it and make it yours. Also remember you’ll get better. You will get learn as you go and those who enjoy your content will love watching your growth. Don’t let fear and insecurity hold you back. Create, create, create!

A Camgirl reviews… “Camgirl” by Isa Mazzei

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(No Spoilers) A regular from my cam room bought me this book when I was chatting about my sex worker library. A collection of books I’ve gathered over the years written by or about sex workers, sex and sexuality. I’m a fan of the movie thriller ‘Cam’ on Netflix (Also created by Mazzei) so I shot this book to the top of my reading list. I had no idea what to expect. Admittedly, memoirs are not a genre I frequent. I was worried a book like this wouldn’t keep my interest. Which is ridiculous because I devoured it in two days. Two because I forced myself to stretch it out so I could give my brain proper digestion time.

While an easy read, it may have you gasping in public because of its content. I want to point out that I have an obvious bias being IN the camming community while reading this. I remember TheOnlyUna. I was at some of the events she describes in these memoirs. I know some of the people she mentions. I will not be commenting on those specifics or my own memories from that time. Though I’d like to point out that memories can be fickle. Mazzei points this out herself and elaborates on her decision to pull strictly from memory which I respect. I’d just like to say, don’t take all the specifics in the stories to heart.

This memoir is not necessarily about being a camgirl. It’s about Mazzei. This is not to say it won’t help your curiosity for the industry. She was part of the cam scene for two years and has plenty to tell. It fulfills that craving while making you reflect on your own inner demons. It dives raw and unafraid into the bleakest and most vulnerable parts of Mazzei’s journey. Both in life and sex work. Whatever you’re expecting, it’s more.

Be ready to get real

Cover of “Camgirl” by Isa Mazzei, reviewed by camgirl Lux Neon

I struggled to find empathy at some points. There were times when I felt defensive. Angry even. I reached a point where I wanted to stop reading. Like every community, cam land is not made of one type of person. I’ve always known there are models who manipulate, lie and don’t care about ethics. That doesn’t mean I was prepared to get into the head of one. Despite these feelings, it was obvious in the text how self-aware Mazzei is about these parts of herself. She also makes a point to say how the experience of camming varies from person to person. If nothing else, I hope you walk away from this book seeing how everyone’s experience is different and they’re all valid. Release the stereotypes that might plague your mind deeper than you know.

This memoir does not sugar coat. If you can’t leave your own shame at the door, be prepared for an emotional ride. I know this might seem obvious once said but some people don’t remember being a camgirl is a job. That is to say, the stories of those who do this job are wide and varied like any other. There are those in the industry with wonderful stories and those full of strife. “Camgirl” shows both sides and everything in between.

So let’s get into it… (Possible Spoilers ahead)

Mazzei had a unique life from the start. It was only natural her life as a camgirl would be just as interesting. I think what was especially refreshing about this read is how open and honest she is no matter the subject that arises. It builds a sense of trust with the reader. It made me trust that there would be a ‘lesson learned’ type of ending and I was not disappointed. From her perspective, she couldn’t have changed for the better without camming. What almost starts as a variety of disconnected stories tie together until they’re perfectly bound by this narrative. People have talked about how sex work can help heal those who seek it out. Was Mazzei trying to show us how sex work can heal the worker as well? Or at least that it has the potential to?

For me, the journey captured in Mazzei’s writing is dark and beautiful in its depth. It’s a story framed with radical vulnerability and openness. The courage required for such deep self analyzation and emotional work is remarkable to see. I put down this book with a flurry of thoughts and emotions. It made me feel empowered to live more fearlessly. It made me think about my own relationship with my work and myself. It made me a little more cautious too.

It takes all kinds

Everyone who becomes a camgirl gets to that point for a variety of reasons. Over the years and as the adult industry has grown and changed these reasons have evolved too. While it’s easy to imagine the industry in a bubble, it’s not impenetrable to the outside. We’d be making a mistake to stick to the one or two stereotypical narratives that continue to circulate and pull focus. We hear from the privileged sex workers who love their job and find endless fulfillment. We hear about those who’ve been victimized by the industry or do the job as a ‘last resort’. These sides are valid. At the same time, it’s refreshing and challenging to follow Mazzei beyond the surface that many of us (camgirls) float at out of fear of judgment.

Is it scary to expose the industry and the people within it this way? From my side it is. The stigma against sex workers continues to endanger the community and people I care for. But it’s also necessary to expand the view of those outside the industry with human-centered narratives like these. We can’t freeze up and hide further to pressure a positive opinion from society. I think in the long run stories like these are what we’ll need the most. I think we need more sex worker perspectives in all of their diverse aspects out for the world to see. If you’re at all curious about the adult industry then this memoir will not disappoint. If you’re in the industry I hope it inspires you to share your story too.

That’s what I like! Jerk off Instruction (JOI)

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Jerk off Instruction JOI
Lux Neon talks JOI

Now if you’ve never heard of jerk off instructions as a genre or fetish don’t consider yourself a prude just yet. While it’s included in ‘mainstream’ porn it’s not often at the forefront or necessarily in the top searches. The exception being kinky sites. This niche has been elevating in popularity though. More and more people come to the internet in search of adult content that feels one on one or a bit more personal. As opposed to the audience type feel you may get while watching adult film actors in the latest feature. For the most part, they aren’t focused on the camera. You may be saying to yourself; “Masturbation is a solo activity and one that I’m good at. Why would I want someone else telling me how to touch myself?” Just wait and see my friend. I’m going to tell you why JOI is one of my favorite categories. Or maybe you’re just like the thousands of others who search the internet for quality content of hot babes telling them how to jerk off already. If you’re not into it (yet) let me show you some reasons why this particular niche is for everyone!

Dirty talk = Versatility

It feels weird calling this a niche when it’s one of the most diverse categories out there. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. Most of what camgirls and indie smut peddlers are making basically falls under these two umbrellas:

Vanilla JOI

This can be any form of straight-up jerk off encouragement. It can also be included in intricate roleplays, cosplays and storylines. Characters here can be a little sassy like a naughty co-worker or bratty cheerleader. But in general, she is encouraging, sexual and positive toward the instructed. Content creators sometimes film these directing their instructions at other actors but most stare straight at the camera in a point of view (POV) style. The latter is what I work with. This helps the watcher feel part of the scene and gives a more natural flow for the performer to focus on. I like feeling like I’m talking directly to a person. I can imagine them and what they’re doing which gets my juices flowing and it helps the scene feel authentic on both sides of the camera.

Femdom/fetish JOI

Anything that gets a little kinky or has a character dominating or humiliating the person watching can find its home in this category. I understand the average person may be confused or even downright appalled at the idea of humiliation porn. For someone who’s been in the business for a long time, it’s just another day. Imagine a man who was picked on and bullied in high school by girls he was attracted to. Or a guy who’s constantly rejected and hasn’t lost his virginity as he’s gotten older. Some people sexualize experiences like these. Others just have a thing for hot brats and bitches. One of my most requested themes is a POV JOI style where I point and laugh at the ‘loser in front of me’.

I can’t stress enough how these categories are by no means exhaustive. I could make a JOI video every day for a year and still not run out of ideas. Maybe you might think I go a little overboard but I can’t help it. I like to look at adult films both artfully and academically. While not forgetting it’s about making people horny, and maybe coaxing out a laugh or two.

OK, I gotta try this…

Dirty talk
Lux Neon in a bra and leopard jacket

I know I know, you’re already convinced this is hot and something you’d be interested in trying. How naughty of you! Just in case you’re not convinced though (and because I just love to tease you) I’m going to touch on the benefits of ‘playing’ well with others.

It’s easy to dip your dick/clit into. JOI videos are on the rise with more and more coming out every day. Easy listening more your speed? There are thousands of sultry creative voices on Mp3s to urge you towards climax. Want something specific? Thousands of creators are out there in all shapes, sizes, and colors willing to create your ultimate fantasy for the right price in the form of custom videos and photos. Want real-time contact? Camgirls on Myfreecams, Onlyfans models, Manyvids creators, Iwantclips Dommes and so many others. From live cam, phone and text you can interact with your favorite babe on the internet. (For my links on these websites check out my ‘About Me‘ page)

Alright, so it’s going to up your fap game considerably. Not to mention expand your imagination while supporting sex working entrepreneurs and artists (YOU rock!) What if I told you jerk off instruction can be added to improve and enrich other aspects of your life? Well, keep tugging along cause we’re getting close.

It’s not just for single people. JOI in relationships?! Am I nuts?! NUTS, for this topic… Sorry for that one. There are multiple scenarios using JOI where you can spice up your love life like the magazines say. Masturbating with partners can already be an erotic and satisfying experience. Kick it up a notch (BAM!) by interacting directly with them and what they’re doing. Imagine watching each other while telling the babe in front of you exactly what you want them to do to themselves. Hot! Long-distance relationships don’t have to be so hard when you can call up your sweety and dirty talk each other to nirvana. Just remember to communicate clearly and honestly with your partner. It’s ok to say silly things that don’t make sense or to even burst into laughter while diddling your skittle. You don’t have to be a professional. Besides, laughing is sexy!

How I discovered jerk off instruction and why I specialize in it

Even after I had been in the industry for a few years I didn’t make my first JOI video until I got a custom request for it. That video (Striptease JOI) remains one of my top sellers to this day. I wish I could say that was a lightbulb moment. Instead, I let years pass barely making more videos of its kind. It didn’t seem like a popular fetish and at the time I couldn’t see how much I could do with it. As I dipped into it more, including a few live shows, I finally saw the light.

What jerk off instruction can do is take a specialized or complex fantasy and connect it directly to the viewer. That’s the real magic of the indie creator’s medium. The internet is flooded with content aimed at large, generic and ‘sellable’ audiences. Not to say there’s no good big name content, but I’m obviously biased. I’m not here for what a board room of money men are saying is selling. I’m here to find out what gets people hot. Which is a joy to research. The beauty of this genre is the adaptability it has to any idea that may pop into my head. This category is now my most popular by far and I have a long list of more ideas to come. We all jack off. Let’s do it together!