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I’m Lux Neon. You can call me Lux. I’ve been an independent live stream performer and content creator in the adult industry for since 2013. Also known as a ‘Camgirl’ or ‘Cam model’.


Lux Neon including video screen grabs, Grinch and Catwoman cosplay, Lux Neon as Sexy Rick cosplay art

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I grew up barefoot in the grass, in a forest, in a zoo…

I guess I don’t remember exactly how much time I spent at my aunt’s wildlife reserve. Multiple times each year a week or so at a time. Before the internet, my mom was an expert at snagging cheap last minute flights. I’d miss school sometimes but that didn’t matter. I was an outspoken dramatic kid. My teacher’s called me gifted, whatever that means. I was obsessed with animals. Inbetween Disney VHS tapes I’d binge animal planet. At the zoo, I’d watch my aunt bash a rat’s head against a board. Food for the snakes and big birds. I used to dive into industrial-size dumpsters to salvage half-eaten fruits and vegetables for the pigs. Someone donated dozens of raw chickens. I liked the sound of the big cats knawing at the bones with a satisfying crunch.

I lived and loved my life outside. I lived for the wild dirt-filled summers. I went camping more weekends then I can count. I’d run wild through the woods, lakes, and rivers. I used to catch dozens of frogs and turtles in a canoe with my cousin until we returned to camp at dusk and released them back to their waters. My family assumed I was and would be a tomboy. From a young age, I was energized by freedom. These are still some of my favorite memories.


Lux Neon sitting in a tree D R E A M I N G

Alone is how I like it

I grew up white trash in the midwest to a single mom in a house full of pets. While I was born to the black sheep of the family I may as well have been covered in rainbows. I was wild in my imagination and the way I viewed the world. Believe it or not, I fought constantly at a young age. Injustice was not something I tolerated. That’s what I called it at least. Looking back I was probably more trying to control the world around me.

In kindergarten, I remember shoving a girl off her chair when she refused to play a board game by the rules. A few years later I gave a boy a bloody nose when he cut in front of me in line. At times I’m sure I was a bully. At other times I defended myself, my friends, and sometimes my teachers when no one else would. It makes sense that I went on to an industry and a job where I have all the control. If I think, “what would I have done besides this work?” I can’t be sure. What I do know is that it would have been something else where I could be radically independent. That was always going to be the case.

Connecting through Performance

I always loved and found my way back to the arts. Any medium, any chance to be creative and especially any chance to perform. My teachers thought I was obsessed with music but I just wanted to join anything that got me on stage. Band, drama, choir and yes I even loved speeches. I loved the attention. I loved the feeling of captivating an audience. All eyes on me! I felt like a comet on a leash. In my heart, I always knew I wanted to be an artist. As a kid, I even declared it regularly. It just took me a while to figure out what fed me the most. Figuratively and literally.

My environment wasn’t perfect and neither were my opportunities. I always felt like a big fish in a small pond. Except the pond was more a suffocating puddle. All of which I’m thankful for now. My mom pushed, skrimped and sacrificed to get me as far as she could. No one in my family had ever graduated college and besides the teachers at my school, I didn’t know anyone who had. When the statistics said I’d fail my mom insisted I go to college. So I did.

So HOW did you get into Sex Work?

In college, I majored in Organizational Communication and minored in Women’s Studies. When I graduated the job market was sparse and I didn’t know what I wanted. Even applying for jobs offended my delicate dignity. Getting naked on the internet though? Not at all. Let’s back up.

I was still in college and I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart. I was ready to rebel. I was on tumblr when it was good and found out about sugar babies. I put up profiles on a couple of sites and went on a couple of 1st dates. Nothing panned out but I walked away with a bit of cash in my pocket. With my feet a little wet I started researching other avenues of sexy money. I remember watching one of the first cam shows I stumbled on. Two girls laughing naked and being tipped 1000s of tokens at a time. My brain was hooked. LOOK at how much money they’re making! At the time I was lucky to have an extra $20 for the weekend. Could I do that? Without leaving my room? I spent what little money I had on the cheapest webcam I could find. I watched other models for hours. I was ready to try it. Yeah, not so fast.

Keep going

Half of my first year as a camgirl I was in my senior year of college. I had four other roommates, slow internet and thin walls. I struggled to maintain my connection most nights. I could only log on once or twice a week anyway and most of the time I’d get kicked off. Some nights though most of my roommates would be out of town and I’d get lucky. As sporadic as it was those first few months as a camgirl taught me a lot. At the very least tenacity. Then I graduated and it was time for me to change my living situation. Somewhere I could cam more freely! What I got was a bedroom with no lock that shared a wall with my mom. Oh, and she didn’t know I was camming.

It was there that I filmed my first video. A film you can still get on my clip sites. I’ve come a long way since I started. Despite what you might assume camming and filming with the bare minimum is not a hindrance. It’s one of the most helpful skills an independent sex worker can build. In all aspects of life if you focus on what you lack you won’t be able to create. Don’t get yourself stuck in the ‘if only’ pit. Use what you have on hand right now. Perfectionism ruins creativity more than any mistake could. Perfectionism freezes you. Mistakes teach you. Nowadays I feel confident in any filming environment. I love going to camgirl events and walking around seeing what ideas pop into my head. Could this corner look like an office? From this angle, I can look like I’m floating? Once you can see potential in nothing, you’ll be able to see the potential in everything.

What am I supposed to do? stop?

After coming out about work to my mom and saving some cash I was ready to set out on my own. What can I say? I was young and full of passion and the energy to put up with the bullshit. I moved across state lines several times in the next few years. Cities are like significant others. I wanted to make sure I was in a functional relationship with one. I never stopped camming. As I got better and became more skilled I started filming more and more. I started thinking about my work like a career and began wondering how far I could take it. I did settle down eventually. Now I dedicate most of my time to my sexy craft.

I believe my work is important. I believe sex work is important. I also don’t believe any of us should take ourselves too seriously. But when I think of those who look down on me because of my job, I can’t help but want to show them how important casting off shame is. I believe that sex work and adult content can help people along that journey. Being stigmatized into the outskirts of society as sex workers can offer a type of freedom. It’s too expensive to care about what others think of you. The majority of people pretend you don’t exist in a polite society. That is, until after dark…

I’ve attended and been nominated at the AVN fan awards and the XBIZ Cam Awards for cosplay. I’ve been to multiple camgirl organized events including CamgirlVacation. I’ve worked with many other cam models and have met even more. I’m especially thankful to call so many of them my friends after all these years. While I’ll never call myself an expert in my field (because we never stop learning), I still want to share what I know and am impassioned by.

This blog isn’t going to be a guide on how to be a camgirl. Though there will be practical advice and articles on subjects other people in the adult industry may find helpful. This will be a place to share what I know. That just happens to be centered in adult entertainment. I’ll also be including reviews of books and media relevant to my industry. This will be a place to be as raunchy as we like. It’s human sexuality. It can be so many things. All in all, let’s have a sense of humor. Let’s talk about hot cosplay, stripping clips, humiliation porn and jerk off instruction! To name a few possibilities…

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