That’s what I like! Jerk off Instruction (JOI)

Why this is one of my FAVORITE porn genres!

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Jerk off Instruction JOI
Lux Neon talks JOI

Now if you’ve never heard of jerk off instructions as a genre or fetish don’t consider yourself a prude just yet. While it’s included in ‘mainstream’ porn it’s not often at the forefront or necessarily in the top searches. The exception being kinky sites. This niche has been elevating in popularity though. More and more people come to the internet in search of adult content that feels one on one or a bit more personal. As opposed to the audience type feel you may get while watching adult film actors in the latest feature. For the most part, they aren’t focused on the camera. You may be saying to yourself; “Masturbation is a solo activity and one that I’m good at. Why would I want someone else telling me how to touch myself?” Just wait and see my friend. I’m going to tell you why JOI is one of my favorite categories. Or maybe you’re just like the thousands of others who search the internet for quality content of hot babes telling them how to jerk off already. If you’re not into it (yet) let me show you some reasons why this particular niche is for everyone!

Dirty talk = Versatility

It feels weird calling this a niche when it’s one of the most diverse categories out there. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. Most of what camgirls and indie smut peddlers are making basically falls under these two umbrellas:

Vanilla JOI

This can be any form of straight-up jerk off encouragement. It can also be included in intricate roleplays, cosplays and storylines. Characters here can be a little sassy like a naughty co-worker or bratty cheerleader. But in general, she is encouraging, sexual and positive toward the instructed. Content creators sometimes film these directing their instructions at other actors but most stare straight at the camera in a point of view (POV) style. The latter is what I work with. This helps the watcher feel part of the scene and gives a more natural flow for the performer to focus on. I like feeling like I’m talking directly to a person. I can imagine them and what they’re doing which gets my juices flowing and it helps the scene feel authentic on both sides of the camera.

Femdom/fetish JOI

Anything that gets a little kinky or has a character dominating or humiliating the person watching can find its home in this category. I understand the average person may be confused or even downright appalled at the idea of humiliation porn. For someone who’s been in the business for a long time, it’s just another day. Imagine a man who was picked on and bullied in high school by girls he was attracted to. Or a guy who’s constantly rejected and hasn’t lost his virginity as he’s gotten older. Some people sexualize experiences like these. Others just have a thing for hot brats and bitches. One of my most requested themes is a POV JOI style where I point and laugh at the ‘loser in front of me’.

I can’t stress enough how these categories are by no means exhaustive. I could make a JOI video every day for a year and still not run out of ideas. Maybe you might think I go a little overboard but I can’t help it. I like to look at adult films both artfully and academically. While not forgetting it’s about making people horny, and maybe coaxing out a laugh or two.

OK, I gotta try this…

Dirty talk
Lux Neon in a bra and leopard jacket

I know I know, you’re already convinced this is hot and something you’d be interested in trying. How naughty of you! Just in case you’re not convinced though (and because I just love to tease you) I’m going to touch on the benefits of ‘playing’ well with others.

It’s easy to dip your dick/clit into. JOI videos are on the rise with more and more coming out every day. Easy listening more your speed? There are thousands of sultry creative voices on Mp3s to urge you towards climax. Want something specific? Thousands of creators are out there in all shapes, sizes, and colors willing to create your ultimate fantasy for the right price in the form of custom videos and photos. Want real-time contact? Camgirls on Myfreecams, Onlyfans models, Manyvids creators, Iwantclips Dommes and so many others. From live cam, phone and text you can interact with your favorite babe on the internet. (For my links on these websites check out my ‘About Me‘ page)

Alright, so it’s going to up your fap game considerably. Not to mention expand your imagination while supporting sex working entrepreneurs and artists (YOU rock!) What if I told you jerk off instruction can be added to improve and enrich other aspects of your life? Well, keep tugging along cause we’re getting close.

It’s not just for single people. JOI in relationships?! Am I nuts?! NUTS, for this topic… Sorry for that one. There are multiple scenarios using JOI where you can spice up your love life like the magazines say. Masturbating with partners can already be an erotic and satisfying experience. Kick it up a notch (BAM!) by interacting directly with them and what they’re doing. Imagine watching each other while telling the babe in front of you exactly what you want them to do to themselves. Hot! Long-distance relationships don’t have to be so hard when you can call up your sweety and dirty talk each other to nirvana. Just remember to communicate clearly and honestly with your partner. It’s ok to say silly things that don’t make sense or to even burst into laughter while diddling your skittle. You don’t have to be a professional. Besides, laughing is sexy!

How I discovered jerk off instruction and why I specialize in it

Even after I had been in the industry for a few years I didn’t make my first JOI video until I got a custom request for it. That video (Striptease JOI) remains one of my top sellers to this day. I wish I could say that was a lightbulb moment. Instead, I let years pass barely making more videos of its kind. It didn’t seem like a popular fetish and at the time I couldn’t see how much I could do with it. As I dipped into it more, including a few live shows, I finally saw the light.

What jerk off instruction can do is take a specialized or complex fantasy and connect it directly to the viewer. That’s the real magic of the indie creator’s medium. The internet is flooded with content aimed at large, generic and ‘sellable’ audiences. Not to say there’s no good big name content, but I’m obviously biased. I’m not here for what a board room of money men are saying is selling. I’m here to find out what gets people hot. Which is a joy to research. The beauty of this genre is the adaptability it has to any idea that may pop into my head. This category is now my most popular by far and I have a long list of more ideas to come. We all jack off. Let’s do it together!